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Yes, You Have A Drinking Problem

Anyone who says they drink a lot but that they’re not an alcoholic is most probably an alcoholic.

That simple!

So… Bad news for those who drink to the point where they need to make a point that they don’t have a drinking problem (Hello?) … and good news for those who want to do something about it.

It starts with the following realization: if I find myself issuing caveats, buts, etc. on my consumption, I’m probably giving myself clues, which is the first step to figuring a way out of the mess. The problem lies in my trying to deny it, so I can start from there and work my way back to the source.

For more, read any rock star biography. It’s the same story, over and over again. People drink a lot, but they don’t have a problem until they have lots and lots of problems, some of which are solvable by the time they take action, if they’re lucky.

Lucky. The key word. People make their own luck more than they think. Act fast, early on, and our luck goes up.

It’s better than circling that drain, along the grooves of our increasingly elaborate, self-deceptive, self-destructive excuses. It feels grand to make up a world inside which we may indulge, to everyone’s health and all, cheers, but in reality – and all honesty – the only thing that awaits us down that path is a black hole.

It would be fine if we were destroying ourselves alone. Our life, our business, end of story. But there’s more to it than that. The real trouble starts when we take our close circle down with us.

That’s the real tragedy.

(And it’s the same with any out-of-control habit, substance related or otherwise.)

It doesn’t have to be that way. The first step is the hardest, but also the easiest. Step up to the problem and identify it, taking cues from our behavior, while taking into account the feedback from others, and we’re on our way out of the vicious cycle, for better or best.

From your socratic Spin Doctor