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When The GOP’s Heinous ‘Healthcare’ Bill Was Killed

A revealing and uplifting video: how the latest healthcare developments surrounding John McCain went down, defeating the latest attempt to repeal universal healthcare.

Of course this video fails to acknowledge the hard work done by senators Murkowski and Collins against this repeal.

Nevertheless, it does shine a light on the way the WH through its VP tried to sway the vote, and how it — along with Mitch McConnell — got served a plateful of go searching.

The fight goes on.

The forces of common sense have a long way to go before they can rest, if ever, but, for the time being, the day is theirs.

Time for bipartisan politics, perhaps?

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Timeline Of The Obamacare Repeal Failing In The Senate

Here's the play-by-play of how Trumpcare died

Geplaatst door NowThis Politics op vrijdag 28 juli 2017