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When Stephen Fry Talked Atheism, Homosexuality And Music On The Late Late Show

Craig Ferguson asked Stephen Fry a few good questions and got some quite interesting answers…

When Stephen Fry appeared on The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson wasn’t his usual cheeky self. Nor was he acerbic, self-deprecatory and wild. Instead he behaved accommodatingly, allowing his guest to get into some pretty unusual depths for the CBS late night show.

The conversation was erudite and heavy in a typically pleasant and Fry sort of way, which made for quite an interesting show, if you’ll permit the pun, the contents of which Ferguson preempted with a disclaimer I can only call the glorious result of his legal team’s best advice mixed with a subtle dose of go-fuck-yourselves.

He said: ‘I’ll pretend I give a shit and be courteous and apologetic to the point where I make a mockery of anyone who gets upset by what is said during the show tonight.’

Love Ferguson!

Love Fry!

Lovely people with lovely minds and ideas.

The show’s topics of discussion: religion, atheism, homosexuality, hate crimes, the ‘right’ kind of rape according to a religious fundamentalist, expositional documentaries, Wagner, nazism, the holocaust, dehumanization, art, transcendence, rosy nipples, free speech, and sundry.