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When Stephen Fry Met God: Extended Commentary

Note – The video clip is the same one shown in a previous post on the same topic, but the accompanying commentary has been expanded to trace out the root of all irrationality and reveal, most crucially, how to deal with it . . .

An exquisite TV moment. Simply stunning — and posted in response to all dogmatism, be it nationalist, communist, left, right, or political in any way — be it religious in any way — be it full of righteousness that disrespects the evidence, righteousness in favor of any given culture in the name of whatever -ism and -ology it represents at the expense of logic and common sense. A video clip that speaks volumes in a mere two minutes.

When extrapolated, this takedown applies to all dogmatists who, by preaching nonsense, mar whatever kernel of functionality there may be in the system they are (mis)representing. They deserve to be shut down, at all costs, opening the field to apter points of view. No word is too harsh when dealing with such perspectives, with any belief system that denounces a majority of the data available, and which actively seeks to convert others to its beliefs, and which demands that the entire world ascribe to its teachings.

And the same holds for all proselytizing religions and all such political, cultural and organizational systems, all the individuals that martial them, wherever they may be and whatever they may believe in — they deserve a sobering blow in the unmentionables when they step out of line.

Even science and atheism, rigorous as they are, they, too, are subject to such takedowns because they, too, in their capacity as belief/operating systems, can get out of hand, rebuking common sense and valid counterarguments.

But that’s another story.

For now, enjoy this superb takedown of religious dogma by Stephen Fry, and remember,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

From your deliciously irreverent Spin Doctor, and with a dose of EON,

Watch this space for more.