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When Pragmatism Ceases To Work

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Owning up to our nature and environment is what being human is all about. Ideologies are never enough. They need bone and backbone to carry them forth. They require knowledge and understanding, awareness and adaptability. Doing the right thing, not the moral thing, not the righteous thing, but the right thing, the choice that will make life around us flourish and help us grow in ways that match both our empathy and progress, no matter the difficulties.

Such are the ways of sapient beings, which is what we claim to be: sapient!

Are we? Or is our self-perception hogwash? Are we simply dirty, sophisticated apes, with more swine and ape in us than sapience and practicality, creating more of ourselves just because?

Do we exist and function in the name of hazy ideologies, the gist of which we hardly get, the outcome of which we are hardly concerned about?

Are we procreating without reason, living our lives to no real end, just making do, letting others do the worrying for us? Kicking the can down the road?

We may very well be. We are probably stuck in a mode of life too idealized by us to be able to transcend it. Like fish in water.

Amphibians used to be fish once, fish that evolved. They grew lungs and feet to engage the land, transcending water, claiming a new world for themselves.

They were driven by necessity, not ideology.

They were pragmatic.

Pragmatism is the only answer to hazy ideologies.

Unfortunately pragmatism has become an ideology of sorts, as of late.

That is a huge problem. How do you move on from ideology when the only weapon against it has been idealized?

The answer is: true pragmatism! Find something that works and stick by it, not on account of its ideological merits, but because it works.

If a new ideology is what it takes to get us unstuck-and-moving in a definite direction, then by all means, let’s grab it. It’s the most pragmatic thing we can do.

It’s the sapient thing to do.

From your Darwin-minded Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.