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When It Comes To Climate Change … The Problem Is People

Everyone keeps blaming the dinosaurs, but isn’t it time we started blaming the real culprits i.e. humanity?

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Today’s topic: climate change. We all know what it is and how bad it is for our future. How bad it is in the present moment, as we speak, and how much worse it will get if nothing is done about it.

Well, fear not, something is being done about it. Organizations of all sorts, scopes and calibers are taking the initiative against the threats facing the world, leading the fight against mindless non-renewable expansion.

Take this NextGen Climate video by renowned director Darren Aronofsky. It’s a great ad on climate change. It employs a powerful analogy on how the powers that be once insisted that the world was at, ridiculing and punishing anyone who disagreed with them, only to be proved terribly wrong by the powers of scientific observation and common sense.

What’s holding things back are people

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. We can’t just blame it on the reptilian beavers and expect things to happen as we target them. In other words, the problem is not that ‘some powerful people’ are holding things back, as the video claims. What’s holding things back are people. Hordes and hordes of people.

See, it’s all fine and dandy when we talk about climate change. Everyone wants cleaner, green energy, but when the time comes to act on it they realize that to have such energy everyone needs to take a hit, at least at first. Jobs are cut, the margins fall, wages are trimmed, opportunities dwindle, belts are tightened, an all-around crunch ensues to accommodate the groundbreaking reform, the emerging new paradigm everyone keeps raving about, and people don’t like that. They want to have their cake whole and to eat it too.

So they teeter and totter and vote for the ones who guarantee business as usual instead, and then bitch about it all over again.

Like I said, the problem is not some powerful people. The problem is people.

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PS – Here is the video that makes the case against climate change so eloquently while hoodwinking everyone by not addressing the true source of the problem: popular indecision and individual vested interest.