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When Fallon Tousled Trump

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People with a brain are asking, genuinely perplexed, how is it that Trump is running for president with a chance of winning? How did we get here?

The answer is simple. We got here by our own hand. People with a brain and conscience, and with global influence, supposedly horrified by the prospect of a Trump presidency — people who abhor everything the Donald stands for, from the fear and hatred to the lies and racism, to the distortion of facts and figures, the violence, the blatant manipulation of American culture in general — all these people who abhor these things, they have made it possible for Trump to be at the top.

They have done so by cashing in on his media persona. Simple as that. Like run-of-the-mill gold diggers, the media outlets want Trump’s golden-egg-laying goose near them, popping out little golden nuggets for them, general conscience be damned. What matters are the ratings, the business, in whose name they are willing to undermine the future of the entire country.

Strange kind of business. How the hell they plan on surviving when they’re willing to sacrifice the health and sanity of their entire culture for a little more money in the here and now, is beyond anyone with non-shit for brains.

The latest accomplice in this gargantuan suicidal circus is Jimmy Fallon. Behold how Fallon sets up the gimmick in his latest show with special guest Donald Trump, preparing to do something the two of them ‘can do now’ while they’re both ‘civilians,’ before Trump becomes president. One more stunt. Out goes Jimmy’s hand, grabbing the epic toupee, and the rest is TV history. A presidential candidate just had his hair messed on TV by an entertainment anchor, and the ratings shoot sky-high. And the internet lights up. And everyone’s talking about it like it’s Jimmy’s triumph.

In reality, it’s Jimmy’s low point. He’s just hit rock bottom, one more media player who has somehow helped Trump along, cashing in on the golden nuggets.

The crime is subtle. The Trump campaign, as everyone knows, is in trouble. Trump’s chances at winning the election are slimmer than ever, his popularity slipping. He has said things which have antagonized a major part of the population, and is now desperate to find a way back. He is looking to become a little more likeable, make everyone see him as just another human being, a person, like us. He wants to humanize himself and become more approachable, relatable, vulnerable in an able-bodied kind of way. It’s all calculated and prepared.

And the media’s main players respond. Trump throws the ball and they play fetch. Here goes Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show, cashing in on Trump’s latest strategy, lending a hand in the forging of the latest Trump image. Forget the complaints, the horror at Trump’s popularity and the vileness of everything he stands for, which Fallon and all the late night shows constantly criticize and lambast — and rightly so — this is crunch time. This is business. We have to do what we have to do, reality be damned.

So up steps the circus and on turn the cameras, straight onto the Donald, and Jimmy tussles the Donald’s hair, making headline-grabbing TV, helping the baby-eating oompa-loompa fix his image, and the world’s daftest election campaign goes on.

This is how it happens, bit by digital bit, stunt by popular stunt, clip by goddamn video clip. The assembly of the beast everyone loves to hate continues, fixing Trump’s broken image so that everyone can keep on loving and hating him at the same time. More importantly, they need to keep sucking those golden nuggets off him.

The good thing is that this process is soul-crushing and debilitating. No one can withstand it for long. At some point in time the celebrity cracks, damaged beyond repair, and the media circus moves on, looking for someone else to monetize, someone fresh and succulent and full of treasure.

In other words, Donald Trump has an expiration date, and it’s approaching, fast. Had he been less of a media whore he would have enjoyed a longer shelf life. But he’s greedy like that, so he’ll go down faster, maybe even spectacularly.

In that respect, kudos to the media for dealing an ironically deadly blow to the Trump image, building him up while draining him out. It’s not intentional, it’s just the way it works.

But there’s still a ways to go before Trump implodes.

Until then, all bets are off. Lots can go wrong. The country can follow him down his impressively unfortunate path to fearmongering and ruin.

So the next time Jimmy Fallon or any of the big media players raise an issue over Trump and his vile positions, complaining about what a disgusting populist he is, they better remember how they helped him acquire power, how complicit they were in the circus that put him there.

Yep, there’s a reason why the Trump thing is happening, and it’s self-inflicted. A lot of it is damage caused by one’s own hand, normalized and made popular by a chain of media stunts, the future sacrificed on the altar of jokes and entertainment, TV ratings and advertising, for a few more stupid laughs.

For a few more stupid laughs.

What an impressively stupid way to do business, or go about one’s life, for that matter. What a destructive way to run things.

From your somber, sober, unimpressed Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.