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What’s In Their Water?: The Trend Of Fortification

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Image by The Economist

[Previously on What’s In Their Water?: The deadliest enemy of progress is the lack of common sense, which can be found (lacking) in every facet of life, among the uneducated and the privileged alike.]

Ten years after the completion of WAKE OF LIBERTY’s Draft 1, and after two major economic crises and countless political and cultural fallouts involving geopolitics, religion, vulture capitalism, zombie socialism, crime, and revanchism, we’re now looking at a world embroiled in the heat of its own shortcomings.

The latest phenomenon to mark this pernicious turn of events is the trend of fortification.

Behold the world as it stands, the red lines representing massive walls and/or fences — fortifications of the 21st century. Yes, the past is making a comeback, its fortresses and keeps, bastions and ramparts morphing into structures ever larger and more sophisticated.

Still, the ideologs and wishful thinkers rage on. We’re better off than before, they claim. Things will not go wrong for much longer. These walls everyone keeps building, these fortifications that have sprung up all over the globe, they’re not a sign of prevailing conflict. They’re a sign of economic activity, or transitory fear, and will soon be dismantled, and everything will be alright again, and progress will resume, say the wishful groupthinkers. We’re going to avoid the blowback, they claim, we’re going to reason and trade and negotiate with each other into the lovely future we have been constructing for ourselves with technology and information at our disposal, and we’re going to do so without entering the fray.

More Kool-Aid, anyone?

Kool-Aid. It’s not just for religious nutters. Groupthink and wishful thinking affects everyone, even those dealing in science and numbers. Even the open minded and well-meaning. In their zeal to make things happen, the pacifiers of the world ignore even the most blatant of evidence, choosing to instead fabricate realities and pretend that everything is fine, living inside their snug and sandy real estate.

Further reading: http://www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2016/01/daily-chart-5?fsrc=scn/fb/te/bl/ed/moreneighboursmakemorefences