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What Has The European Convention On Human Rights Ever Done For Us?

Image by Patrick Chappatte

From the threat of a messy Grexit to the tragedy of a resoundingly batshit-crazy Brexit, the insane give and take, but mostly take, if you let them.

To put an end to their endless reaching there’s satire, good old farcical comedy to put things in perspective and shut down the bombast. (Thank you Monty Python for setting the standard, and a high one it is.) With a little tweaking and adapting to today’s reality we have a wonderful video clip, in fact, we are audience to the definitive take on the hard-hitting know-nothing-als from Brexiton who argue, What has the European Convention on Human Rights, and the EU in general, ever done for us?

Note (and caveat), it’s not that the EU hasn’t turned into a bloated, self-indulgent, weak and did we say bloated pachyderm, no question about that, but (and it’s a big but) flipping it the bird and shoving off will help no one, least of all Britain, and British citizens even less.

Or, as a great philosopher once put it, stuff your populism in vinegar, and swivel. That’s for the UKIPs and their ostentatious moralism, which is not so different from the sanctimoniousness of their ‘less extreme’ kin currently basking in the limelight i.e. the new nationalists of the United Kingdom, the Tory party hardliner Brexitists in particular, who taint the very foundation of the political right with their jingo-bingo-bigotry and their publican-cum-pubcrawl hoorah-ngutanging.

The right wing, dear friends, isn’t Glastonbury for the blackhearted and dimwitted, though you wouldn’t know it these days. Yes, the right wing often gets things wrong, I mean incredibly outrageously stupendously off the mark fuck-no (what do you mean you still support a war on drugs and oppose abortion and deny climate change?), but let’s forget all that for a moment and focus on the issue at hand: distortion and clusterfuckery. The political right is not all what the populists of today make it out to be, or oughtn’t be. One ought to make a point out of it every now and then, lest these unctuous populists ruin the notion of the right wing for the next one hundred years, allowing the nutters to hijack and raze the issues of the day to the ground, an event that would make way for the mad lefties — not to be confused with the reasonable lefties, of whom there are admittedly not many either — to follow through and wreck whatever remains.

I believe that covers the whole spectrum.

Lib Dems? Ha! What the fuck you talking about?

Please enjoy the show. Watch the clip. It’s good. Professor X nails it, again!

Beam me up, Wolverine.

From your particularly frisky and rather romantic in a slapfest-kind-of-way Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.