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We Don’t Need No Resurrection (Actually We Do)

People love to worship noble ideas in theory. In practice, it’s a whole different ballgame …

Good morning, or evening, depending where you are! This is your Random Truth (RANT) bulletin with your random food for thought.

Today’s topics: resurrection; rebirth; reform; second chances.

How can you tell when things are wrong? What do you say when the symbolic stories and inspirational events we revere above all else become more important than the real-life problems on which they are supposed to focus people’s attention and awareness?

What am I talking about? Climate change and pollution! Toxicity and slow death. The undeniable throttling of life as we know it. The failure to step up to the plate and prevent this from happening.

Yeah, I honestly believe we have a chance at regenerating what is fast becoming a dying way of life. We could perform a resurrection, for lack of a better term, if we chose to.

Sadly, we’re not up to the task. Time and time again we have failed to address the problem at its core, preferring to dance around it like morons, keeping ourselves occupied and distracted with secondary and symbolic activities.

Maybe it’s an impossible endeavor to begin with. Maybe it’s just me, being unreasonable, expecting it to be tackled. I mean, here I am, believing that the valuable stories observed by billions of people every year are of real and meaningful value. That their purpose is to inspire us, to make us act on things in the here and now, in ways that really matter, enabling us to secure our survival and progress.


Whatever! Happy congregation at the meaningless assemblies of the churches and restaurants, where a bunch of concepts on death and regeneration are observed in theory, in a grand charade, while the real and running topics on the subject matter are being swept under the carpet.

From the RANT headquarters, Happy resurrection!

PS – A resurrection is always preceded by a crucifixion. Just in case you’d forgotten, busy as you were, celebrating the past at the expense of the future.