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USA, 2016 . . . Civil War 2.0: The Stirrings Of


Racial tensions in Charlotte, North Carolina, among many other places in the USA, are running high. The situation is out of hand, pointing to a recurring problem in American society that points to a deeply embedded issue in the system at large.

Everyone is watching, wondering. What the hell is happening?

Among the astounded onlookers is Stephen Colbert. Observing the developments closely, he engages in sharp social commentary, putting things in context. Here he is, Colbert, doing his thing, delivering his material with more snark and bite than usual, all of it warranted, all of it on the fly, on the nose, on the don’t knows, on the who the fuck knows what the hell’s wrong with everyone lately cos look at us, here we are, acting like we have no clue what’s happening, pretending we don’t have the problem we’ve been pretending not to have since the beginning.

Civil War 2.0 anyone? The first stirrings?

You decide! In November, yes, you decide, November 2016 and every election cycle after that, and every November of the year, every month of the year, every week and day in between: Civil War, and I’m not talking Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’m talking the real-life earth-shattering deal. Civil War, or United States?

What will it be?

Or has that ship sailed already? Has the madness prevailed, leaving the Yossarians of the world mourning the dead, pitying the living, trying to make sense of syndicated mayhem? A world where we kill the people who speak sense, letting the demons run amok?

From your unreservedly (Bill)Hicks-minded, (Joseph)Heller-driven Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

PS – Tough bind the country’s in. A Catch-22. If you elect Trump you send the nation hurtling into madness. If you elect Hillary, it’s business as usual, the kind that brought us to this mess. That kind of business. And if you do nothing, you have no say in either outcome. And whatever you do, it makes no difference, not unless you do something truly out of the box, and no one really knows what that is — which, by the way, may involve taking it to the wire, because nothing will change without a major heave, a mad push against what’s happening, which brings us back to the beginning — a big, deep, circular problem eating everything up, a Catch-22*22*whatthefucksgoingon that involves a few crazy parties, a number of crazy twists and a long long loooong hangover.

PS 2 –

PS 3 – And now here’s Tom with the weather . . .