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Trump Is President-Elect | A Spin Doctor Special

donald-trump-grinningDonald Trump is the president-elect of the USA. Hard to accept, I know — we’re still trying to digest it here — but hardly surprising, not if you’ve been paying attention to what’s been happening on the ground. A combination of anger at the system, disillusionment, rage, indignation, plus shameless manipulation of people’s fears, plus a series of utterly unacceptable statements by the now president-elect who lowered the standard like it has never been lowered before.

Having said that, the vote is in, the people of the USA have spoken, and it now remains to be seen what Trump will do.

His acceptance speech was surprisingly gracious and appropriate. Only time will tell if you will continue down the conciliatory road, or regress back into the blustery hateful rhetoric that characterized most of his campaign.

We’ll be watching closely, and we sincerely hope he will pull something off, reversing the shortfalls of the system at large as well as — and we can’t stress this enough — the atrocities he has voiced over the last year.

From your vigilant Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.