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Trump And The New York Times


‘Even factoring in cancellations, The Times says it has a net gain of four times as many readers since Election Day. In this time of uncertainty, it seems people are turning to a paper they can trust to unblinkingly give them the real deal on Trump.’ ~ Jameson Parker

What this really means, of course — and it would serve everyone to pay heed, especially those of us who oppose hateful rhetoric — is that Trump was DYNAMITE for press sales, including The NY Times. He reinvigorated the media’s dynamism with a political-cultural story that will be running and breaking for the next four YEARS.

In case you’re not seeing it, it’s the press’s wet dream, what just happened, what Trump did.

So, think about it. If you’re against hateful rhetoric, like so many decent people around the world, think about the media’s vested interest in Trump’s scandalous behavior and how they directly benefit from his news-grabbing rhetoric. Think about all the advantages the mass media have enjoyed from this globally broadcasted fiasco, and if you’re still placing your faith in the publication outlets that ‘oppose’ Trump, think about it again.

See, The NY Times and all of Trump’s broadcasting opponents are going to, at best, go about their business like Big Pharma, managing the problem rather than eradicating it completely. They don’t want the problem to go away just like that. They want to make sure there’s always enough Trump around to keep the ratings high and the money rolling in until something more spectacular comes along, at which point they’ll turn on him with the aim to take him out, or, if they’re really good, incorporate him to the switching narrative.

Do you get it now? Or are you still placing your faith in the pure goodness of The NY Times etc, trusting in their dedication to a ‘non-hateful’ society? If that’s what you think the media will do, you’re almost as naive as the diehard pious and their blind faith in the pureness of God and His Heaven, the wool pulled over your eyes. In fact, you’re doubly guilty and reprehensible — why? — because you’re supposed to represent the ‘informed’ and ‘savvy’ side.

From your ever-so watchful Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.