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Trump and Con. (Putin The Dinner On The Table)

Feast of the underworld. The who’s who of the rabid order. The most sinister-looking of them all is Kellyanne Conway, with Donald T. a creepy-close second. Paul Ryan is unnerving, mostly because he’s laughing (most likely at someone who just broke his neck) and then there’s Jeff Sessions, who truly is ‘my prrrecious!’ Across him sits Mitch McConnell, ogling like a disembodied head, which is a natural look for him. To the right is Sarah Huckabee Sanders who just spotted a kitten off-picture, with which she’s going to make pillow stuffing. Mike Pence winks with pleasure at having had a couple of gays converted by his goon squads, the guy up front is as nondescript and unmemorable as they come, though he does need a new hair dye treatment, and Steve Bannon looks like he just walked off the set of Miami Vice: Extra Hot Rods, a non-Hollywood slap-slap-slap cheese-porn production that never made it on DVD. As for Putin, he’s cooking, baking, and putting on a hell of a show, though he does need a new apron. This one’s too cheap for a billionaire despot with so much blood on his hands and so many crooks in his palm, on and off-picture.

From your unmitigatedly Trumpgate-watching Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.