Base Camp is where visitors go to relax, unwind, and get familiar with an anthology of earlier material.


I have always loved trance music. It puts an immediate smile on my face and makes me feel good. I find it naturally euphoric.

I also find it high quality music. It has something intricate about it, something well-thought-out and difficult to perform.

Most people do not agree. ‘Trance… high quality? You on drugs? Is that the high you talking about?’

Clearly, they don’t hear what I hear.

So be it. People appreciate different things. To each our own.

But once in a while something comes along that redefines the way we regard things. This video of a guitarist playing his six-string, for example.

Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Two points: one, trance music has a classical underpinning. Two: a single person has managed to recreate the music made by a multi-track sound console on a single musical instrument.

It’s quite a performance. Each plucked string adds an extra layer to the tune, forming an intricate soundtrack. Different tones blend together effortlessly. Watching each finger going through the motions is mesmerizing, like watching an array of instrument players, each of them doing their thing, exactly on cue, coming together beautifully. 

Suddenly the guitarist is not a person playing the guitar anymore. He is an orchestra, his individual components coming together to create a symphony.

As for the sedge hat, I’m not sure. It made me smile, that’s for sure, as did the music. Naturally euphoric.