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Too Much Of A Good Thing

PC_Too much of a good thing_2

There can unfortunately be too much of a good thing. Too much democracy, too many choices, too much debate and too much beating about the bush. Too much leeway. Too much time wasted not getting places. Too much freedom. Too many distractions. Too many sweeties and escapes and escapades and loopholes.

Too much of a good thing.

The only solution to this mess and the stalemates and confusion that come with it is:

Steadfastness. A steady, committed course that will see us through to the other side intact.

Those of you who disagree, please take a bus home tonight in which the driver is having a debate with both Control HQ and the ticket inspector about how to drive the bus, while driving the bus. See in how many pieces you arrive home.

See how you like that.

The analogy is ham-fisted, true, but the principle applies. Too many cooks spoil the food, too many voices make noise, too many directions interfere with performance, and too many opinions without an overall purpose fuck things up.

From the bays of a volcanic Pearl Coast, and in conjunction with Spin Doctor,

Fish a ton of oysters, strike a shiny pearl, and, above all,

Eyes open, mind sharp.