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Too Little, Too Late: The Wisdom Of Homo Sapiens (Mad With Ungodly Power)


The wisdom of Homo sapiens: always too little, too late, making a noble spectacle out of an intervention, following bloodlust and bloodbaths that could have been averted. Hell bent on exploiting, destroying and decimating life before seeing the value in it, humanity rushes to the rescue of what it has already crushed, lamenting its actions and asking to be forgiven. Like a teenager on bath salts, mad with ungodly power, killing everything inside its own house, then cracking up and shedding crocodile tears, fighting to turn back the clock to undo the horrors it perpetrated.

The good news is that Homo sapiens is subject to its own whims and rules. To its own vices. Its sharp blades and scorching fires and terrible bloodlust, its tragic lack of foresight, not limited to quadrupeds, no, nor to fish, birds, crustaceans, arthropods, flowers, algae, or plants. Homo Sapiens has a taste for anything that moves, its bloodlust and mayhem affecting everything — everything including, you guessed it . . .

The human being.

Given enough time . . .

Do the math.

Intrigued? Watch this space for more.

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