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Tinpot Righteousness: From The PMRC To Cancel Culture


In the 80s there was the highfaluting PMRC with its deluded claims that art may be interpreted primarily in an offensive manner. They insisted that should they be offended, the art in question would be persecuted in the name of moral purity, but we got rid of that trashy group of listen-to-me’s and their nefarious political reach …

And landed straight into cancel culture!

This special branch of SJWs is especially virulent, with its own call to morality in the name of a woke society, as they understand it. They say art may be interpreted in very narrow ways, and that if they deem any art offensive, then that’s what it is and must be canceled, all in the name of social justice, purity, and a sense of tolerance that’s intolerant and disdainful of multiple points of view.

Yes, we got rid of the PMRC’s chokehold on music so we could end up with cancel culture’s woke Jokers.

I think it’s time we told these Wokers and their acolytes what we told the previous zealots: What you see is what you get! Your approach is an abomination. You’re just a fad, the bottom-feeders of the revolutionary era, preying on people’s insecurities and fears, obsessions and hatred in the name of tinpot righteousness. Your time will pass, your brand of activism will expire, and you’ll be looking at the world through the pits of the world, inundated in the stuff you wanted to cancel, plus much more, some of which will have been written specifically about you and your needy, ignorant, self-serving approach to life.

Salud, and eat history’s ironic bag of private parts.

From your socratic Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp,