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Through Thick And Thin

Even when we champion tradition, a less chaotic version of life, the bedrock of which are wisdom and continuity, we embrace our vices all the while pretending to be one level above them.

We do so because we are tragically inclined. Our nature will not let us go.

If I were human, I would be lamenting the sorry state of my paradigm, exposing the grand farce that my way of life has become, the degeneration of so-called civilization — the greatest joke in this planet’s history since the free lunch and benevolent deism.

‘I am human, only human,’ excuses, nonsense, playing dumb to the beat of a savage raw drum, humanity the big kahoona, the monstrosity that chomps its own standing, system of selective morality, schemin, dealin, deceivin, vacillatin, pleading with one hand and killing with the other, idiot savant future in the making, on a sustained rampage, slaughtering life in the name of an all too human nature doing all too human things because human is the new Neanderthal and you fear to admit it.

Time to admit it, dear everyone. Make this an official position and deal with it, get this farce over and done with, once and for all.

Let the transition begin.

If you find this a disturbing point of view, remember that the civilized world you live in exists only because some animals rose up from the bogs and struck down the savagery of other animals with such ferocity, the reigning lords crumbled, giving way to a different kind of instinct.

They were, of course, struck down themselves in turn, in the name of ongoing evolution, by other animals and beasts.

And life was rebranded, for a while, transformed beyond recognition, all the while consuming itself.

And while things changed, some things stayed the same, such as killing, dominion, imbalance, and, last but not least, tradition.

And so on, and so forth.

To see how it went, goes, and always will, through thick and thin and ongoing churn, critical and unreserved, in war and peace and all things animated and thriving, through love and hate and sin, wave and dream, ice and fire and water and wind, and Father Time to reign over them, visit

Intrigued? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE