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Through The Eyes Of A Turtle

Sometimes we need to put ourselves in the positions of those around us.

Empathy is a valuable tool and we’re lucky to have developed it. When applied with acumen, wisdom and reason, it augments life in many ways, in a direct or roundabout manner.

Take turtles, for example. They’re not an animal we come across every day. Other than fishers, marine biologists and zoo keepers, who thinks of turtles in everyday life?

We ought to because we’re destroying their habitats.

I’m talking about bagging, dear friends! We’re bagging turtles around the world to death. (see image below)

We had better do something about it. Turtles are a vital part of the ocean’s ecosystems. If they go extinct, it’ll be a huge failure for all of us.

It’s time to envision the world from the turtle point of view for a moment, for their sake and ours.

Please be mindful of what’s happening out at sea, out of sight. Discard your plastic bags properly, or recycle them, to prevent turtles and other aquatic life from getting wrapped inside our trash.

From your annoyingly illuminating and blatantly selective Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.