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Thrive: Both Movie And Movement – A Preview


11.11.11. A date that stands out from the rest on account of its perfect symmetry anduniqueness. There will be none like it for another hundred years.

Perhaps this is why a unique documentary is going to be released on that day on the web. The title is Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take, and it will be available free of charge.

The documentary’s aim is self-evident: find out what it will take for humanity to thrive, exploring the ways in which it can be achieved.

The premise is clear. Cheap new energy is what we need. But there are vested interests in play, powers that pitche themselves against invention and innovation, holding civilization hostage to the current paradigm. So what is to be done to develop such energy without having to wait for the planet’s fossil fuels to run out?

This is where the premise gets interesting. The story delves into UFOs, third kind encounters with aliens, and codes embedded in ancient ruins and crop circles, delivering its case through a script hashed out in heaven. It borders on the absurd, and will probably make rational people wince, if not turn off completely. Yet in the wake of hopelessness and a world ridden with hunger, war, and vested interest, it may be a fitting story line, perhaps not so much because it would be a fascinating turn of events should it turn out to be true, but because what we seek is truly out of this world.

In the process, Thrive raises some interesting issues, perhaps not so important for the answers provided as much as the questions raised, targeting critics as well as visionaries, believers, and skeptics. Whatever the case, this production seems intent on moving people in pronounced ways. Whether out of their chair because they can’t stand to watch another second, or into action because they’re touched and inspired by it, remains to be seen. It depends on how constructive its arguments are and how well its case is made. You decide.