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The Wonderfully Sick Mind Of Chuck Palahniuk

Palahniuk has a wonderfully sick mind

And the ability to articulate it

In (mostly) constructive ways.

I haven’t read a book of his in ages

And don’t even know if he has something relevant to say in his novels

But his older stuff

And overall zeitgeist

Ranging from his past, his family history and

His method to the madness – all of it

Astonishingly compelling

How this man isn’t in jail

Or in some armed forces, shooting people for a living

Is a testament to humanity’s ability to make something honest and

Good out of the terrible

And lay the foundation for a sounder life

All while embracing the crazy

And without flinching – just confronting it head on

And moving on

And on

It all starts with a feeling of responsibility

And a wicked sense of humor

From the bays of a cloudy Pearl Coast ⛅️