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The Wisdom Of The Opportunist

Suppose there are six friends in a pub. The first one says, ‘My glass is half empty, time for another one.’

The second one says, ‘My glass is half full, I’m OK for now.’

The third one says, ‘There’s a long line at the bar, let’s wait a moment.’

The fourth one says, ‘We’re going to wait anyway, so we might as well get up there now. Let’s order two rounds and get really wasted while we’re at it.’

The fifth one gets up and leaves because he’s not in the mood to argue, wait, or get wasted.

And the sixth downs everyone’s drinks, while they’re discussing what to do next.

The moral of the story? The pessimist always wants more, the optimist is annoyingly content, the realist is annoying, period, the cynic stirs shit up, the quitter is irrelevant, and the opportunist has all the fun.

So, next time you go out for a drink, remember to argue less and have more fun, because if you don’t, someone else will. At your expense.