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The Whims Of The Mob And The New Low Standards


The truth is that everything is done in the name of groupthink and convenience.

The call to prayer? An unfortunate development.

The call to simpler values? A lack of leadership. A lack of vision. The great watering down of quality. Public opinion gone awry.

You know what else they call public opinion gone awry? Ochlocracy.

It usually starts out as democracy, but it gradually degenerates into a good idea gone bad. An abysmal state of affairs. Surrender to the whims of the mob and you end up driven by the median preferences of an average majority commandeered by shifting obsessions and fickle standards, manifested via the confused and feverish mass of righteousness.

In case you’re wondering how this works, just look to TV and its rollercoaster standards over the decades. From the yawnfest programs of the old days — ever watch them? — TV culture has reinvented itself time and time again, rising to the heights of the future’s exciting slates: the new TV with its serialized content and its special effects, its live and interactive nature, its breakthrough topics, its courageous statements, and that was exciting, for a while, until it plummeted to the mess of today’s ratings-driven, speed-addled, instant-gratification crap that audiences round the world demand and and pursue and perpetuate.

Look to the food industry to see how the markets and their people-reactive mechanisms have elevated McDonalds and KFC to triumph.

Look to the health industry to see how people are over-medicalized while disease is managed, not cured.

And the falling standards in schools, from primary to college. The educational system has increased its expectations in ways that cull students’ aptitude and performance. Do well in standardized exams devised by flashy yobos sitting in committees flashing degrees in social morality and standardized society, and watch your brains and the brains of the entire younger generation turn into a mix of calcium stone and fatty slop as they wade through this farce of an educational system.

Look to the car manufacturing sector where the solid vehicles of the past have given way to mass produced, cheap trash. Dazzling and magical the new generation of automobiles may be, but they’re also fickle, weak, and disposably bad. Ditto for all electrical and electronic appliances. Forget the innovation factor. We’re talking about the cheapness factor; the disposable element. No one objects to the structural degradation taking place across the board. They slowly accept it, so long as it comes with flashy upgrades to mask it.

Look to the ignorant gurus and see how they’re gaining popularity by preaching nonsense and feel-good trash.

Look to religion, the epitome of pulp fiction, which somehow became a world-shaping movement, a chain of institutions that object to being scrutinized, criticized and made fun of.

Still wondering why life feels slightly out of kilter? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE