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The Walking Dead’s Pain

‘One of the biggest conflicts behind the scenes of The Walking Dead was AMC’s decision to cut the budget by almost half a million dollars per episode between seasons one and two. Darabont’s solution, which was to film the whole season in one location, the infamous farmhouse, created problems and resulted in arguably the series’ worst season. Here’s an email to executive producer Gale Anne Hurd and others from June 2011, one month before he was fired:

‘“Fuck you all for giving me chest pains …”’ ~ From io9

Well! Talk about boundaries (the lack thereof), and tops blown sky-high, and guts spilled.

The infamous feud between AMC and The Walking Dead’s creator Frank Darabont finally comes to light — a revealing look into a TV show gone sour, bitter, acidic, toxic, berserk, at least off screen, behind the scenes.

It takes the notion of ‘rip them apart’ to a whole new level.

All-out war.

All on account of cost cutting, black sorcery accounting, and creative differences.

The usual spiel.

Or maybe a fitting turn of events for a show whose story arc hinges on a disease that turns people into mindless, lifeless, greed-filled drones who stop at nothing to get their hands on whatever is alive and breathing so that they can tear the shit out of it.

Who said life’s without a sense of irony and black humor.

Still, one of the greatest shows on TV. The Walking Dead. Maybe not fine art, but a compelling theme and storyline. An absorbing universe.

In fact, there’s something of the real world about The Walking Dead, getting closer every year.

Can you feel it?

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