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The US Debt And Deficit Crisis In A Short Rant

President Obama delivers his 2011 State of the Union. Sadly, Union is the last word one can associate with the current US Congress. (image source:

The US budget deficit and debt crisis:

Anyone care to acknowledge that the largest chunk of this debt came from the creation of Homeland Security and other such departments and operations? I mean, I’m all for fiscal responsibility, and I dislike socialism, and despise jihadists and other such creeps who take advantage of the perks of the free world (yes, they do!), but let’s pause and think for a moment, calling things by their name. The US debt/deficit has a tag, and it spells Dubya/Security State/Idiocy. Tea Party, go f**k yourself! You talk out of your ideologically constipated ass and give a bad name to conservatives. You too, Romney-esque GOPartiers. The US is not a predominantly white nation anymore. Deal with it. You cannot police everything. Deal with it. You have to create prosperity through prowess, not bull(ying) power.

And f**k you, too, Democrats, because you give the chance to Christian fundamentalists and other fanatics oozing with religious/nationalist pride to gain popularity, all because you believe in gargantuan government and entitlements. You ride on the coattails of power the GOP supports, all the while pretending to be ‘liberals.’ Liberals my foot! You’re opportunists, enforcing policies in the name of ‘open-mindedness,’ stuffing them down other people’s throats via the power your opponents bring about, which you supposedly condemn. You’re hypocrites AND cowards AND liars. At least the GOP is honest about its callousness.

Or is it? Let’s not forget that the GOP acts predominantly in the ‘name of God, whose nature is Love, Kindness, Charity, Fairness etc,’ and that it supports ‘austerity,’ so long as it gets to spend trillions of dollars in military equipment and security operations. Kindness and austerity and honesty and fiscal responsibility my middle foot!

In times like these, Ron Paul’s words (not Rand’s, Ron’s!) ring true and wise. Remember him, Ron Paul? Of course you don’t. Hence the mess we’re in right now.