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The Trouble With Outlawing Guns

Governments decided to fund crazy policies with people’s money. They imposed the head tax.

It worked.

Administrations decided to send its citizens to war. They drafted them.

It worked.

Dogmatists decided to control people’s belief systems. They passed holy edicts and political manifestos.

It worked.

Militarists decided to eliminate their opponents. They sent armed security forces against critics.

It worked.

Tyrants decided to dictate their way through the system. They passed laws that would take everyone’s guns away.

They ran into trouble.

See, there’s a reason why the Constitution granted the people firepower. The bullies had to be contained. Tyranny and oppression would cease only when the sheep acquired fangs, earning some respect. Respect through strength. Simple, crude, and effective.

Some people aren’t ready/willing to cede that respect. They will fight for their right to bear arms.

Others fear a bitter showdown between government and gun owners, which may cripple the nation, if not devastate it.

Both scenarios involve blood.

They’re both exaggerated. Blood will not be shed. The Obama administration is smarter than that. Hell-bent as some people are on practicing mindless blanket prohibition on guns, the president isn’t buying it. He’s happy to introduce whatever regulations he can get away with, via executive order, while making sure he doesn’t kick the hornet’s nest. He wants to go down in history as a bold leader, not as the moron who brought about the proliferation of anti-federalist militia.

At least one hopes so.

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It’s good to be reasonable.