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The Tragedy Of Trump

TC_FingerI think Trump just lost the election.

I also think he never wanted to win it in the first place. He was only brand building with other people’s money.

I also think it’s very sad that it had to come to this for the tide to turn. Talking about shooting someone in the face on 5th Avenue and getting away with it (a metaphor, yes, but a very inappropriate one, and unacceptable at a political rally) wasn’t enough? Making fun of disabled people through high-school jock mimicry wasn’t enough? Inciting his supporters at his rallies to beat up hecklers,

Inciting people to take up arms against Clinton in the event she is elected,

Inviting Russia to locate Clinton’s goddamn emails, over which an enormous scandal had broken out in the first place in the name of national security, and which didn’t need any more shit-stirring, certainly not one involving Russia getting its hands on those emails, and what do you know, Trump kicks that hornet’s nest, too, for ratings,

and then plays on the slogan ‘Lock Her Up’ which somehow morphs into the creepy ‘Shoot her down’ and shit like that.

Disturbing, all of it, and flying in the face of decency, if not in the face of a bunch of laws, straddling that thin red line.

Trump has certainly pushed the envelope since starting this campaign, voicing a torrent of crazy stuff, but the crazy isn’t the problem. That’s not why he’s being judged. He can say whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t violate any laws, threaten national security, or violate common decency from the podium, especially when running for the highest office.

So we’re not coming down on Trump for his crazy positions, like his admiration for Putin’s authoritarianism. That’s Trump’s prerogative, and while it may be a disturbing point of view for a potential US president, it doesn’t put anyone in America at explicit and immediate risk, nor does it undermine the nation in any immediate way. It may be offensive to hear him argue that Putin does his job well, but so what? Trump is entitled to his opinion. Argue him into a corner and finish him off, easy pickings. Don’t shut him down. The moment we start shutting people down because they’re ‘offensive’ is the moment we’re not as open and good as we think.

So yeah, Trump loves Putin and would certainly suck his dick if he had the chance, if he hasn’t already. And, yes, there are things to be said about tyranny, and not all of them are bad.

Note: If you just gasped, you need to catch up on your history and your political science. Wake up, get your head out of the crap we’ve been feeding each other about the unblemished nature of heavenly democracy and unabated ceaseless debate, and smell the shitstorm. Look at today’s Congress, how it has made a meal of the freedom to debate freely, dragging the system through the mud, all the way to partisan lockdown. Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing, including too many cooks in the kitchen.

Donald Trump is no fan of the system that got us here, and he’s certainly entitled to approach the issue of governance from a tyrannical point of view, praising Putin in the process, although, to be honest, he’s not advocating a functional form of authority, only a crazed, rabid, megalomaniacal version of nativist authoritarianism AKA Trumpism, which is the wrong kind of anything.

Having said that, Trump is well within his rights to campaign for a country that is run less like a republic and more like a business. What he means, of course, is ‘Make the country more efficient,’ and with that I would agree, but running a country ‘like a business’ is the wrong way to put it, a very stupid way to tackle today’s problems, and therefore a no-no.

Still, it’s a political viewpoint, as is a protectionist economy, which Trump also advocates, even though it’s going to end very badly, fast, as all protectionist policies do.

Trump has also gone after NATO, claiming he wouldn’t uphold the mutual defence pillar should he come to power because NATO has over-expanded, he says, and he has a point. NATO, as it stands, is less of a defensive shield and more of a tool with which to engineer overseas business using democracy as its calling card, forcing itself inside areas beyond its scope, weakening instead of strengthening the West.

All these positions are disturbing and shocking in their own right (sucking Putin’s dick, protectionism, and NATO-trashing), but they’re not violating any laws, and don’t go against common decency.

What goes against common decency, straddling the thin line between shocking statement and illegal behavior, are Trump’s incitements to racial profiling through a (proposed) nationwide stop-and-frisk policy,

and his creepy singling-out of colored people in his rallies,

and inciting cultural hatred when calling for a ban on ALL muslims from entering the country. Talk about stupid! I mean, WTF? I’m a fervent critic of organized religion because organized religion gives rise to militant extremist views among other things, propped up on the pretext of faith to serve nefarious creeds. For that reason alone I loathe religious fundamentalism and anyone who uses religion — be it Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, whatever — to force themselves on other people. I loathe all those who abuse faith to harm other people, and am very wary of systems that rely on people’s obedience to one Absolute Authority Figure at ALL times, and which consider the books associated with said Almighty Figure holy and beyond criticism — talk about tyranny, the WRONG, FOUL and STUCK IN THE PAST kind — and would therefore welcome all political reform designed to rein in organized religion,

but calling for a ban on ALL muslims, as Trump did, is insane! Outrageous! Indecent, insane, illegal, not to say stupid, goddamn stupid in every way!

And now this: Trump’s crass bragging about grabbing women by their pussies and tossing them around, and calling them fair game, and calling the whole thing locker room banter!

Go fuck yourself, Trump, and take all those who didn’t see through your shit with you!

Yeah, you know what, the great tragedy in this state of affairs is that it should never have come to this. Trump should have been out of the race long ago, from the moment he talked about shooting someone on the street, from the moment he mimicked and ridiculed people with disabilities, as if we’re back on the school yard, dancing to the bully’s tune. Let’s all take a long hard look at where we draw the line because the line should have been drawn earlier, and this rabid motherfucker should have been tarred and feathered and run out of town a long time ago (switching metaphors now, from the school yard to the western town), taking his hateful rhetoric with him, that and the fucking asshole he calls his mouth, out of which shit keeps falling out.

Cum-for-brains stupid motherfucker! I’d call him smart and wily for playing the system, but smart and wily is knowing when to draw the line and secure your winnings. This guy’s greedy, and it made him overextend, and that made him lose his winnings i.e. fail (thankfully) and that makes him very, very stupid, and good riddance to him.

Should he still prevail, after everything that’s gone down, well, bye-bye USA!

See, something’s gotta give. There’s no avoiding a fallout. If Trump succeeds, the USA fails, and so does the West. If he falls now, in the wake of his latest scandal, well, the GOP fails, and rightly so. They backed an insane horse.

Either way, this man is a disaster, and disaster will follow him wherever he goes.

The question is, will you be close enough to let him take you down with him, be it now, in the wake of his pussy-grabbing ways, or later, after he’s tethered an entire country to his stupid crotch, opening your living room to his asshole mouth and letting him spray you while you sleep?

From your thoroughly unimpressed Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.