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The Tip Of The Spear


Thank God for fools like Einstein and Gandhi, whose perspective changed the world.

Thank God for visionaries like Hancock and Tesla and Scorsese and Aldrin, who pursued their dreams in spite of what everyone was telling them.

Thank God for madmen like Columbus and Turing, whose achievements made life bigger and more interesting.

Thank God for Curie and Hypatia, Noether and Sappho. Thank God for Cleopatra and Elizabeth I.

Thank God for Jim Morrison and his God-crushing, spirit-enhancing verses. Thank God for Mark Twain and Virginia Woolf. Thank God for their enemies and their staunch opposition, their tireless haters, whose obsessive attacks gave them immunity, leading to success. Thank God for devotion and perseverance, for Joan Didion’s sharpness, for Malala Yousafzai’s grit. People like them are what makes the world go round. They’re the salt of the earth. The scumtrailers’ poison. The tip of the spear we call redemption.

Who said delusion was a bad thing?

From the bays of a reef-laced Pearl Coast,

Fish a ton of oysters, strike a shiny pearl.