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The Stinking Tea Party

Shame, shame, shame on the Tea Party, this rancid group of ideological constipationalists, for giving such a noble name a bad rap. The Boston Tea Party’s audaciousness, which inspired the amazing flags of the Patriots and the ferocious mottos associated with the American revolution (Don’t Tread On Me – Liberty Or Death), was the stuff of legend, which even non-Americans found inspiring.

Then came the morons, the jackals, the cloistered parochials with their mobster agendas, pretending to be patriots, hijacking historical names and mottos to further their defunct political dogmas, all in the name of a panicky racism disguised as a ‘love of the Republic,’ which, no matter how one dresses and spins it, reeks of putrefaction.

Sarah Palin, idiot extraordinaire!
Sarah Palin, Tea Party icon, idiot extraordinaire!

Tea Party putrefaction. A rancid, putrid faction of imbeciles, cleft brain, joined at the rectum and bereft of all reason, with shit for a heart.

Don’t get me wrong, a few of the things Tea Partiers say do make sense (I said a few, not all), but the way they make their arguments and represent themselves, their general stance, is deplorable.

Tea Party bashing: check!

Next in line, the Loony Left. Yes, they do exist, and they’re as moronic and ideologically challenged (diarrhea, not constipation) as their anal-retentive Tea-Party counterparts.

This has been a scatological report on the debt/budget crisis, care of yours truly. I hope you enjoyed it. I sure as shin did.

Back to the soap opera, where our life is swell, our party always looking after our interests, our country the best in the world, our religion the alpha and omega, our atheism the end of history, our ideas the bestest, our farts as fragrant as lemongrass, our yard an area where kittens fly on rainbows and bumblebees sing songs that cure malaria.

Have a wonderful day!