When entering the Gorge, leave behind all preconceptions. Let yourself be carried off on a stream of consciousness that tickles the heavens as readily as it grinds down stone.

The Sad State Of Today’s Protest Movements

sad state

The crowds have gathered to protest

the state of the world, the inanity of it all.

And they have nothing to say, nothing

at all, making sad statements, static noise.

This is the sad truth about today’s scene,

a mishmash of disorganized criticism,

misplaced anger, rage and

disillusionment and je m’en fous.

Until something binding comes

along — perhaps a working ideology,

or a practical creed, or perhaps the one Ring

to rule them all, against which the mainstream

will unite, applying common sense to

its workings to defeat the forces of

darkness — there will be

no change. No change at all.