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The Rise Of The Netflix House (And Other Derivative Entertainment Outlets)

People are worrying about Meta and how AI is taking over but the real phenomenon is happening through the bricks-and-mortar interface: studio theme parks, Secret Cinema, Netflix Houses. Slowly but surely our stories are embedding themselves in our lives in derivative ways, spinning us round in loops. Partly entertainment – and fabulous – and part of it self-referential, tautological, and pointless.


If I were to point out an existential crisis of our time, it’s this: our surrender to a narrative cycle that entertains more than it challenges, and which engages people in venues that recycle ideas for the sake of tapping into tested sagas and loyal audiences in the name of safer investments. The more established the story, the better. It’s all about proof of concept, familiarity, and expansive markets, meaning that our narrative options are getting narrower. The circles we draw are ever-tighter. The stories we tell and respond to are fewer in numbers and scope, our imagination reined in and our worldview diminishing. The road will run out at one point, and we will hit a wall, concussed, deflated, and out of fresh ideas.

For a while anyway.

One thing that’s certain: all dead ends are temporary. There’s always a way out, be it through, backwards, up high to greater heights, or down into the depths of whatever underworld we have to wade in. Our cultural vicious circles can lead to another golden age, an existential reinvention. Catastrophe, like it or not, has been known to beget innovation, hunger, breakthrough and excellence.

There is always a way out, especially when all seems lost and broken. When all we see is smoke and mirrors. When all we do is run in circles, unsure whether the sky is real, fascinated only by the stars on our screens and their dedicated venues. There is always an exit point, an escape, a reset sequence.

And a new story begins, be it recycled, reinvented, or seemingly original.

And a new journey commences, for better or worse, and just for us. For a time soon to come.

Enjoy this era’s entertainment. It reflects who we are, in a sense as close as we can get to experiencing our life as if visiting an animated museum made to showcase our existence.

Who said entertainment, even the derivative kind, isn’t informative and educational?

From your socratic Spin Doctor