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The Real Novak Djokovic, Please Stand Up

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Novak Djokovic is going to star in a reality TV docuseries. A camera will follow him around, documenting his training and preparations, his time after a match, his work with charity organizations, even his family life.

Excellent, for so many reasons.

One, it will test the adage, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Djokovic is Number One, the sport’s undisputed top dog for a number of years, and yet he wants to experiment with his dominance by adding an unblinking eye to his affairs, on and off court.

Two, it will test the premise of the Hawthorne Experiment, which stipulates that people under scrutiny tend to perform better, for a while anyway.

Three, it will test the observation principles that state that anything under close scrutiny tends to change its behavior, mindset, and state of operation.

Four, it makes sense. If anyone’s been craving for attention and public approval/love, it’s been Djokovic, so it hardly comes as a surprise.

Lastly, why the hell not? If it makes him play better, history will be written. If it undermines his game, it will open up the field of tennis to new challengers, reinvigorating the sport.

Plus we will get to see what happens behind the scenes in the life of a man whose actions reach beyond tennis, into glamor, advertising, charity and philanthropy, getting a glimpse of the man behind the sports headlines.

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