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The Prime Minister Who Crossed The Rubicon, Projecting Weakness Via ‘Strength’

‘Theresa May becomes first PM to deploy up to 5,000 soldiers on streets.’ ~ THE TELEGRAPH

This prime minister is too predictable and increasingly dubious. Her blatant weakness, and her hardwired obsession to mask it, pushes forth all kinds of wrong in this country. As if we don’t have enough to deal with. From the rise of UKIP and the resurgence of backward nationalism, to the childish Mr. Corbyn and his atrocious Neo-Marxism, which has created a hollow opposition that counts for jack shit; to the prospect of no deal with Europe and the undermining of the kingdom’s unity, plus sick fucks blowing themselves up in pop concerts for whatever stupid cause makes them think it’s a good idea, be it religious, political, or just plain psycho, and a foreign policy on our end that keeps exacerbating the refugee and terror crisis, unable to put a lid on it once and for all — on top of all this we have to deal with a weak prime minister overcompensating her way through her term, crossing the fucking rubicon.

How on earth will putting boots on the ground tackle lone wolves and random lunatics whose MO involves using automobile vehicles as battering rams and blowing themselves up in public, is anyone’s guess.

Misdirection. This is what is happening, and it shouldn’t. The country is in dire need of leadership, not shenanigans.

The issue lies elsewhere, in intelligence operations. The press made it clear that the intelligence community had numerous leads on the Manchester bombing perp. They were aware of him, tipped off over the years by various people. The chance to nab him was there, but something went wrong. He slipped through the dragnet.

That’s where the war against militant extremism is being fought, in the dragnets, behind the scenes, through intelligence operations and prevention, and that’s where our efforts must be doubled.

Deploying troops on the streets, on the other hand, well, let’s just call it a show of weakness at a time when strength is imperative.

This dubious premier. One truly wonders whether she is aware of how effective she is in helping the enemies of this country — how her actions fuel the disintegration of the kingdom.

Louis XVI, anyone? Or, perhaps, Mary Poppins on angel dust . . .

From your severely unimpressed Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.