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The Powerlust Of The European Houses And The Iron Bank – Part 2

[Previously on The Powerlust Of The European Houses And The Iron Bank: Who will prevail is uncertain. The victors can merely be presumed. Kings, queens, queen regents, princes and princesses, little lordlings and bastards of great ambition, their armies of henchmen and gold-hungry mercenaries by their side, the population at their mercy, they’re all in it together, dancing a dance of daggers, striving to stay alive.]

The only thing certain is the folly gripping the corridors of power. Lowborn Lord Tsipras and his Master of Coin Varoufakis, along with the admittedly intransigent Greek Houses, have exposed the equally intransigent halls of Europe. SYRIZA’s misguided political ideas have led to a most fortuitous uprising against the sclerotic forces of Iron Bank and Red Tape alike, revealing the foul state of affairs afflicting the European Realm.

The powerHouses and Lords of Europe can’t abide by this affront. They fear the growing voices of dissent in France, Spain, and elsewhere, commoner uprisings threatening to unseat their Lord Commanders across Europe, and have pledged to strike back.

They believe that crushing SYRIZA will serve their purpose best. Destroy the louts who dare defy the Creditors and send the rest of the renegades a message. Question authority, and you pay with interest. You pay with your livelihoods.

There is a great chance the whole of Greece will fall in the process, but it matters little. A small state is a small price to pay for consolidated power, or so the Lords think.

It’s an incredibly poor choice, the irony of which can’t be lost on those with an eye out for authoritarian panic. The effort to thwart the voices of dissent across the continent is lending itself to a policy of nonsense, a cruel and counterproductive approach that goes against the principles of the very Union itself and the foundations upon which it was built.

So the voices of dissent will not wither away, even if the rebels are crushed and Greece falls. They will grow stronger, despite the efforts to forestall them. They will grow meaner and less reasonable, bringing out the worst in every protester. The siege and sack of Greece by IMF-Eurogroup forces will only embolden the Boltons and Greyjoys and Cleganes among the dissenters, creating a hell pit for bloodhounds and dragons.

In simpler words, things will go to shit, because shit men and shit women have risen to the top, with shit men and shit women opposing them.

Such is what happens when accountants and lawyers and diplomats and consultants rule unfettered. The worst of their professions comes to light, laying everything to waste, contract by contract and transaction by transaction, all in the name of the Ledger God. They are just as bad as political ideologues and religious fundamentalists, convinced they are acting in the name of progress (as opposed to having the gods on their side, or the right) and that can be a very dangerous illusion to have. Numbers alone can’t provide sound leadership, and neither can balance sheets, not without polity and common sense.

Neither can hotheads with ties to bankrupt political ideologies. For all their courage under fire (might one call it folly, or ignorance?) and the fortuitous exposition of the monsters perched atop the European towers, SYRIZA and their ilk are a bane to the world too. A symptom of today’s disease.

The clash of kings and queens has only just begun. The next thirty years will be very interesting. Game Of Thrones will become the best seller of the generation in more than book and TV form, and you will be part of it. Play your role well, and pray, if you believe, and think, if your allegiance is to reason, for it will take everything you have to see yourself through to the next episode.

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