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The Politics Of Dread And Prejudice

What this conundrum boils down to is the crush of everyday horror, which one experiences daily; the politics of dread and prejudice.

The scenario is all-too familiar: the outsider clashes with the establishment, earning their scorn. The locals go out of their way to make him feel undesirable. Some of them want to run him out of town, and he responds with impunity. Fueled by rage, he turns into a figure of vengeance and redemption. A High Plains Drifter. A Batman, a Catniss, a Durden on the loose. Jack’s inflamed ego. The whisper up the river. A lost and hurt soul driven by a voice that pits him against everyone, everywhere, all or nothing, all in the name of justice that behaves like the mist.

~ Excerpt from the upcoming short story collection CHECK THE GATES ONE LAST TIME — work in progress