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The Polish Taliban In European Parliament And The Wonderful Woman Who Set Things Straight

Apparently the Taliban are alive and well in Poland, too, and, by default, in European Parliament. Watch one of their minions making filthy remarks about women and how, according to his understanding of the world, they deserve less pay because ‘they are weaker, they are smaller, they are less intelligent.’

No, this isn’t a reality TV show clip or a TV setup. It’s an authentic statement from a Member of European Parliament. I’m not aware of the context of his remarks, but it’s safe to say the content speaks for itself. Shockingly feeble-minded and rotten to the core, one wonders from which century this man was vomited into our day and age.

Naturally his remarks didn’t go unanswered. According to this video clip, at least one person stood up and confronted the deranged man, swatting him away like the sticky filthy little human mosca that he is.

Three cheers for the Spanish MEP and her succinct slamdown.

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Fish a ton of oysters, be mindful of the rotten ones.

PS – We shouldn’t be having this discussion with people like this idiot, we’re way past that, but here he is, speaking on behalf of bigoted people everywhere, staging idiocracy’s comeback. So let’s do the only thing we can do: use the podiums and assemblies to beat him and everything he stands for (it should be easy) and be done with him. We have a future to plan for, and the quicker we dispense with his divisive rhetoric via sharp debate and political acumen (no, not shut him down and take away his mic — that would speak very bad for the cause of open society; I mean, if we can’t outdebate an idiot like him, we have a problem) so the quicker we outdebate and outmaneuver him, the deeper we shove him back inside the swamp from which he was regurgitated. This is a Spin Doctor postscript. Eyes open, mind sharp.