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The Plague Of Faith-Inspired Terrorism: Skirting The Issue | A Spin Doctor Special

‘Children are among at least 26 people massacred in Egypt and dozens more injured after gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians.’ ~ THE INDEPENDENT, 26 May 2017

The truth is people around the world die every day from a great number of events including heart disease, pollution, corporate greed, poverty, negligence, ignorance etc, and when they do, we call things by their names, whatever they may be. We identify the problems, the underlying factors, the immediate causes as well as the indirect ones, looking for ways to get to the bottom of things, tackling the problem at its roots, or trying to. We point our fingers at corporations and take them on, full frontal, and the same goes for our administrations and political parties. We go after them tooth and nail, exposing everything they do, calling into question even the most minor liability, every problematic aspect of their setup and methodology.

At the same time we look deeper, behind the scenes, digging through the system, searching for answers more elaborate and subtle.

The effects of privilege, for example, we examine them in a scientific and anthropological way. We scrutinize and analyze the ins and outs of group dynamics, their setups and expectations, their inherent drives. We study the bonds between communities, the power of history and the pull of culture, tracing out the psychology that drives people living in cities, in the countryside, what makes them tick, how it affects their internal constitution. We strive to understand the difference between the developed and the developing world. We examine the mindset of minorities, the tribal nature of villages in Bangladesh as well as offices in Wall Street, scrutinizing the lot, looking for ever-deeper, meaningful, efficacious explanations as to what’s going on round the world.

But when it comes to terror attacks, we turn dumb, or play dumb, take your pick. We try to evade the situation. A large portion of the media and/or people refuse to refer to white christian shooters and other perps as terrorists, for fear of who knows what — racial stuff, most probably. They prefer to call them ‘criminals,’ which they are, and/or mentally unstable cases, which they are, or cold and calculating psychos, yes, but they stop there, not addressing the element of terror, giving it all a good varnish.

The hypocrisy is blatant, and a great many people see through it and call it out. It’s unacceptable, they say. Anyone who kills people in such a way is a terrorist, end of story, no matter their skin or religion. Stop trying to dress it up, or down. Stop trying to skirt the issue, and, for the love of God, call things by their name. Call white and/or Christian perps terrorists, because that’s what they are.

Then — you’ll love this! — another terrorist attack occurs and the very same people who called out the hypocrisy surrounding white perps and their glossed-over cases, they now refuse to identify a perp in terms of his skin and/or religion when said perp is Muslim/ethnic. Suddenly race is a non-issue and religion has nothing to do with the attack, no, the attack is just an atrocious crime completely unrelated to faith, they claim, even as the person who blew himself up did so chanting religious mantras.

I mean, talk about hypocrisy and self-delusion! Talk about double standards, and pandering to one’s wishful thinking.

The sad truth is, we’re on the whole too afraid to deal with the hot potato of faith. We’re unable to call a spade a spade, opting for a game of charades instead.

Part 3 to follow

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