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The Plague Of Faith-Inspired Terrorism: At Face Value | A Spin Doctor Special

‘Children are among at least 26 people massacred in Egypt and dozens more injured after gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians.’ ~ THE INDEPENDENT, 26 May 2017

[Previously on The Plague Of Faith-Inspired Terrorism: One long and careful look at the Middle East and its atrocious theocracies, not to mention the good old US of A and its resurgent brand of Christian fundamentalism, plus various parts of Europe with their fascist Inquisitional populist agendas, and we know we can’t afford to stall much longer.]

There are people dying in the name of God, maniacs who abuse their faith to justify their bloodthirsty goals, and they must be stopped. The fountain that feeds them must be uprooted, the conditions that enable them undermined. The ease with which one moves from faith to madness must be addressed. The untouchability of religion and its holy texts must be reversed, subjected to probe and criticism, paving the way for a religious mindset that not only discourages terrorism by random maniacs, but which also — and this is important — prevents a large silent majority of believers from seeing just cause in the actions of such maniacs. A religion that doesn’t rely on theocracy’s dubious political setups. Only when institutionalized and state-sanctioned theocracy is dismantled — theocracy that has turned the untouchability of religion into law and culture — only when such setups are undone will believers be able to move on from their self-righteous dogmatic state of mind to a faith that doesn’t have bones to pick with anyone who doesn’t fully agree with it.

Think about it, and don’t roll your eyes whenever you hear someone argue the instrumental role of religion in terrorist attacks. Yes, there are plenty of maniacs who do what they do out of bigotry, motivated by blind hatred that has nothing to do with faith, but the fact remains: there is a heavy religious connotation to these attacks, which, along with all the other factors we are eager to talk about, creates a deadly situation that doesn’t seem to be abating. We need to get to the bottom of it, fast, just like we did with all the dogmas, religious or secular, that chose to anoint themselves supreme and above the law, or simply beyond all scrutiny, going about their business completely unchecked until we smacked them back in line.

Time to take on religious fundamentalism, deal with it at face value, be it Islamist, Christianist, or whatever. Time to deal with it in the same way we dealt with communism, fascism, crony capitalism, machismo, racism — like we dealt with earlier versions of religious fascism back when faith had plunged the world in its swamp of attrition, in the name of all things holy.

Then we can enjoy the fruits of benign religion, after we’ve dealt with abused faith and the role it plays in terrorist attacks, focusing our attention on more pleasant things, if we’re lucky.

Chances are, of course, we’ll be focusing our attention on the next dogma that chooses to get out of line.

What exactly it will be and how it will manifest, no one can say, but I have a few ideas, which I will keep to myself, for now.

Time will tell.

From your disparagingly forthright and ever-watchful Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

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