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The People Deserve Who They Elect


People say a lot of things about dictatorship, both the secular and the religious kind, but not much is voiced on the pitfalls of democracy, or about one’s right to do as one pleases, which often leads to authoritarianism and downturns of their own kind.

Let us begin. In a nutshell, democracy comes with numerous caveats. One of these caveats is that the people deserve who they elect, including the clowns and con-artists who abuse their privileges at will, destroying the state, the infrastructure, the credibility of their nations. The people deserve every single moron who speaks too loudly for his/her own good, every failed opportunist who never learned to play the game, getting caught out time and again like a kid in an adult conversation. They deserve every trojan horse they roll inside their walls. And they most certainly deserve every conformist who toes the line without using his imagination.

They also deserve every sclerotic and demented old man whose brain is hardwired to his calcified scrotum, which leads to sad and brutal decision-making, and, to even things out, the people deserve every demented old woman that goes power-tripping crazy on their hides, just because she can. They deserve every single cretin they elect to office, because they put him/her there.

Insulted? Excited? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE