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The People Are To Blame


‘If it don’t cut both ways, it’s one-sided.’ ~ EON

Accountability goes both ways. One can’t blame only the politicians and the lobbies for the ills of this world. The people have their share of blame for the mess they’re in, if one wants to be fair, honest and serious about addressing problems of this nature.

Those not willing to acknowledge this obvious and logical fact needn’t bother pretending to give a rat’s ass about anything political. Nor should they be surprised when their opinion is disregarded due to their lack of clear reasoning. One can’t be reasonable and one-sided, not when dealing with politics. You either apply critical thinking on all sides, across the board, or make white — or black, or brown, or grey-beige-fluorescent — noise.

In other words, the people of country X, Y, or Z, who voted in the various governments that feasted on scores and scores of misappropriated funds and cookie-jar handouts over the past years, year in, year out, over the span of decades, creating an epi-culture of malfunction, corruption and disorganization — the people who voted for these administrations, have their share of blame. They’re to blame for the scandals, the fiascos, the gross misallocation of funds, the combination of which has rendered them bust.

It’s not rocket science. Much of the misappropriated money ended up in secret bank accounts, but most of it was used to provide unlawful or dodgy arrangements for legions of voters, i.e. the people themselves.

Put simply, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Where there are dubious leaders, there are dubious followers, shifty voters. Just like with the people of the previous century from whose cultures mad dictators arose, and the centuries before that, when maladaptive authority came in the form of despots, monarchs and absolute rulers propped up on a religion-based affinity for supreme authority, the people of today are to blame for the filth that arises from their specific cultures.

Put simply, the people share a big part of the responsibility. Alongside the politicians and lobbyists who are abusing their power and privileges, the people must be held accountable for the ills befalling their cultures, states or nations. They’re not above blame. They’re not above the law. They’re accountable for their bad choices, the majority of people are.

End of story.

Only it isn’t. The idiots get away scot-free, because idiocy is something pardonable when it expresses itself in large numbers. They call it sovereignty, social morality, even compassion. Of course all they’re doing is taint true compassion with their self-important, illogical nonsense. Ditto for social cohesion and goodwill. Tainted. Abused. Adulterated. Enfeebled. Exhausted and shot to shreds.

And humanity, dear old idiot-savant humanity, wades its way through the bog of collective thickness, calling it ‘a day’s work.’

Which makes my mission all the more exciting.

Intrigued? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE