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The Path To Sustaining Civilization

Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist, has released a bunch of videos on the web, in which he talks about all things human, physical and scientific. One of them deals with civilization and the transitions it faces as it moves across four stages: 0 (non-planetary), 1 (planetary), 2 (stellar), 3 (galactic).

Humanity, Kaku posits, is still a Type 0 civilization that will attain Type 1 status in roughly one hundred years. To do so, we have to withstand the tests of progress. Our ability to destroy life on a planetary level has to be curbed in favor of our ability to harness energy, sustain life, and embrace the bigger picture.

Presented in the trademark simple language of Kaku, the video drives home some important points, placing phenomena like the internet and terrorism under new light. By changing the way we view them and think about them, our ability of becoming a Type 1 civilization is enhanced.

Though beautifully presented, I would’ve changed one thing about this video: its title. What Is The Likelihood That Mankind Will Destroy Itself? is eye-catching, driven by the need to generate hits on the web. But it’s too sensationalist, failing to bring out the talk’s flavor.

If it were up to me, I would re-title it The Path To Sustaining Civilization: A Short Presentation on the Rational, Philosophical and Practical Principles on which Progress is Founded.

Now you know why I’m not Kaku’s marketing expert. But I do cook up a lean synopsis of his video, just as he cooks up a lean synopsis of the future.

Hear him out. He’s got many intriguing things to say about sustaining civilization…