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The New Wave


Time has made it clear to me not to mention how life came about and to what end it was created. I am to go ahead my mission without opening that can of worms until He says otherwise.

I’m breaking the rules now, again, like I did in the years leading up to the Cataclysm, when I put a few ideas in people’s heads about how life came to be and where humanity fit in, what it’s role was in the grand scheme of things. It worked like a charm then, and Father turned a blind eye to my transgression, and He will do so again, if I succeed in my mission, which I have every intention of doing.

My purpose is simple. Catalyze Earth’s coming transition to bring about a new way of doing things, an upgrade, if you like.

Regeneration, I like to call it.

One of the ways I will effectuate regeneration is to tamper with human morality, especially where life and death are concerned. I will reconfigure the notions of life and death, reintroducing the concept of managed, calculated demise across all platforms, so that life may shine ever brighter.

That shiver everyone experienced just now in the back of their heads, and the gasp everyone let out, it was their conscience kicking against the embrace of raw reality, refusing to admit the truth that lives under their noses. They can smell it, but they can’t see it, and what they can’t see they pretend not to know. They want to bury it deep under their glossy conventions and make-believes.

They forget how memory and insight are connected with smell, first and foremost. If you can smell it, you can — and will — remember it.

But why stop at smell? This buried secret, I will reveal it, bring it back out in the open for everyone to examine. Many will turn a blind eye and pretend it’s business as usual, others will kick and spit, or invoke their gods, hiding behind their individual and consensual moralities. But the truth won’t change. Regeneration is every bit real and active, part of how life works. Dress it up for sermon as much as you like, or muzzle it, it won’t stop biting. Regeneration makes the world go round. Every part of their bodies is engineered to partake in the process. Regeneration happens all the time, everywhere, to each and every person. Health and welfare depend on it. Progress and development hinge on it. Decommission the obsolete, usher in the upgrades, the next generations, and let the new wave unfold and break out, and ride it all the way to the next level.

The process is inescapable, and, aware of how life works, from the microscopic to the gargantuan, from the smallest cell to the grandest nation, everyone’s senses gradually come together, to each their own and all together, attuning their minds and bodies to the function of death within life. Death gradually seen for what it is — life advancing on other life — a concept no one will be able to contradict anymore. People will stop revering human life in itself, it won’t make the grade anymore, life per se. It will be all about life that functions and lets function. The bigger picture. Focus on the bigger picture and humanity’s soul will finally be released from its incarcerated state, bringing about a quantum leap that will mark a new beginning.

A new generation of life will rise and the world will be reborn.

Intrigued? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE