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The Meek And The Able

The meek are there to remind the able to persevere. They are also the substrate on which strength is built.

Jesus Christ once famously said that ‘the meek shall inherit the earth.’

He was right in the sense that the strong always become corrupt, falter and fall, giving way to the meek.

He was also right in the sense that the meek provide the future ‘able’ among us. From their ranks rises considerable talent and grit, eager to break the boundaries and achieve something great.

But He forgot to acknowledge that weakness is what one leaves behind on the way to achievement and not an end in itself. It is certainly not the M.O. to inheriting the world as such.

In other words, the meek help the world advance in extraordinary ways after they have become able in themselves. They lead the way for as long as they control their vices. When they start giving in to them, or when they turn older and weaker, they begin to make way for those following in their trail.

Bottom line is, the world has moved forward because the strong, the willing and the smart (be they unable-cum-able, or competent from the get go) have carried it on their backs. Challenging the norms and playing the game to its fullest, instead of waiting for things to happen on their own, is what makes the difference.

As for those who are down on their luck, they deserve compassion, help and understanding at any given point in time. No way of life, grand as it may be, can lay claim to the future if it treats those in need of a helping hand like garbage.

Of course, let us not confuse the meek with the apathetic, the ungrateful, and the career victims. They always get what they deserve and deserve what they get.