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The Laughable Nonsense Of Religious Hardliners On How Earth Works


There’s a Christian preacher saying that Earth was created 6000 years ago, and that this can be seen in nature, via hard evidence, and that Intelligent Design is a valid class to teach at school, because God made it so.

There’s also a Muslim mufti saying that Earth doesn’t revolve around the sun, because if it did, then a plane flying over a rotating celestial body would either never catch up to its destination, or it would simply need to hover in place, letting the destination come to it, and that there is ample evidence in the Quran to prove that it is the sun that revolves around Earth instead, because Allah made it so.

Spot the hypocrisy.

Those who say, The preacher is the hypocrite, because he is using the notion of hard evidence (the foundation of science, no less) to promote Intelligent Design, are right.

Those who say, The mufti is the hypocrite, because he is alluding to scientific principles (orbit, speed, planetary rotation) with endearing ignorance to describe how our planet is stationary, are also right.

But the biggest hypocrisy is calling the preacher a neanderthal, an ignoramus who holds beliefs that are nothing but backward, dangerous hooey unfit for today’s world and being applauded for calling him out, getting a laugh, a nod, some kind of approval for pointing out the folly, but when you call the mufti the same, you’re automatically and without further ado a racist and a bigot.

A very dangerous double standard, this is, through which nonsense like the above may slip through.

Fact is (hard as history) that nonsense is nonsense, no matter the culture or religion, and you should be able to call it out at will, without being snared in guilt trips. Bullshit is bullshit, and those who advocate it are amusing to watch when minding their own business, but they’re dangerous, very dangerous to have around when forcing their ways onto others.

Whatever the case, all of them — ALL of them — need to be called out when talking hogwash, and the belief systems from which such hogwash stems need to be identified, criticized, and when and where appropriate, when they harm others, shut down.

From your nonsense-averse Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

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