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The InspiroBot’s Creepy Inspirational Quotes

An AI program comes to the rescue of downtrodden and depressed humanity with an array of inspirational (erm) quotes . . .

For example, this program, which they call InspiroBot, tells us to

‘Keep panicking.’

It also tells us that

‘Before Inspiration comes the slaughter.’

Wonderful, isn’t it?

The soul of a machine is a beautifully horrifying thing.

Also, surprise surprise, it’s funny as hell. More hell than haha, but still.

All the same, keep clicking. The gems keep coming. The bot ‘can do it all day long’ (its own words while loading new stuff to share).

It also says ‘I love humanity.’ Then, haha, up comes the sepia picture of a few men sitting around a table like the squabbling jury in 12 Angry Men, the caption above them spelled in white font:

‘Addiction is like entertainment. It keeps evolving.’


Click away, ladies and gents. The dark gears of the machine are grinding.

From the bays of Pearl Coast,

Dive in crystal waters, beware of the current.

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