Base Camp is where visitors go to relax, unwind, and get familiar with an anthology of earlier material.

The Inescapable Conclusion

A little poetry every now and then recalibrates the soul.

There, in the wake of all that we’ve become,
within the wear and tear, deep inside the labyrinth,
of our dreams, inside that lair, the acid humor churns the mood
and permeates our livelihood,
and suddenly we miss our temple,
our warm abode, once exemplar, now forlorn,
and realize what pipes our dreams have ended up in

Determined, we rise to the challenge
and make it through the mélange,
into a maze of cul-de-sacs,
farther, deeper down the hatch,
searching for the light
that will rectify our plight, seeking out
a way to wipe their errors clean
and emerge unscathed,
evergreen. Losing strength,

livid and deluded grossly,
disillusioned by confusion that has turned
our self-immersion to a mal-advised
incursion that reciprocally hampers and dysfunctionally
tampers with our symbiosis process,
vis-a-vis a never-ending, dis-en-tan-gl-ing neurosis,
it infects us with disdain, wall of stone our way ahead

Sweltering with drama, crippled, traumatized, fraught,
plagued by repercussions, unyielding revelation,
searching for an answer to our challenged coexistence,
without strain, without resistance from the push and
pull of fate — fretted by a repetitious chorus —
saddled on the raging Taurus,
dragged across the fields of sorrow,
for the uninvited evening,
for the unexpected morrow,
we await our fateful end

Sometimes it’s a physical end, other times a
demise of mind, soul and spirit,
off and on a tragedy,
oftentimes a release,
‘Till death do us part!’ —
the inescapable premise and conclusion

It comes on slowly, undetected,
like mist at night. We sense it, smell it,
feel it settle and dig in,
yet pretend it’s never there.
WE live on, therein,
or think we do,
zombie-fied, living dead,
going through the motions,
chasing our forgotten dreams,

chasing ghosts, faded memories, impressions.
Our spirit dry, our glow evanescent,
the inevitable conclusion manifests — sclerotic animation —
lost inside our calcified minds, our growing sarcophagi,
we seek to experience one last moment of pure intensity
before we lie back, close our eyes and rest in peace

We set the scene in our heads: the sun shines,
the sky is clear, masters of our domain from the onset,
making arrangements to live alongside each other with understanding,
dignity and respect, mutual intent,
together but independent, interconnected and self-reliant,
charged up, focused, our lives never
watered down to a tepid compromise,
not holding each other back, not asphyxiating each other,
not holding each other back, not stepping on each other’s throats,
or each other’s loved ones, or each other’s dreams

There, a thought for
the coming generations