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The Heart-Wrenchingly Brutal Song Of Ice And Fire

‘That got me thinking about it, and I said, “I still don’t know if it can be filmed. It’s too big to be filmed. But if it can be filmed, it can’t be a feature film.” It’s too big, and if you wanted to do it as a feature film, you’d have to do it in ten feature films … The show is great, but a television show and a novel are different things. The television show has real-world concerns that I don’t have. There’s a very big budget, it’s one of the largest budgets in television, but it’s still a budget, they can’t just keep adding characters. I can!’ ~ G.R.R. Martin

The author and creator of A Song Of Ice And Fire talks about his book series as well as Game Of Thrones, the TV show based on his story.

A refreshingly feelgood story of success borne out of a heart-wrenchingly brutal tale. From book to screen, and back to book.

So weird, so gratifying.

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