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The Greeks Get In Touch With Their Deep-Rooted Myths

‘The continuity between the Mycenaeans and living people is “particularly striking given that the Aegean has been a crossroads of civilizations for thousands of years,” says co-author George Stamatoyannopoulos of the University of Washington in Seattle.’ ~ ScienceMag

A simple but immersive read …


NB: Illuminating the puzzle that is human culture one piece at a time, science advances.

And Greeks around the world feel good about themselves for a change. The past runs deep, the roots wide.

If only the future could be extrapolated from the past, streamlined into functional continuity.

Soon, perhaps. There are downturns in every system, putting matters to the test. So long as these crises don’t last too long, it’s fine, they’re normal, part of a healthy process involving restructuring and reinvention.

Time will tell.

The last two hundred years have been more slide than ascent. Let’s see if the downtrend holds, or if the process averages out with a long, gradual upturn.

One thing is certain. Any significant change for the better will come not from reading articles like these, boasting about one’s past, but from extensive reform and commitment to functional politics, sustainable economics, and empowering culture dynamics, including an improved personal and group psychology.

From your impossibly frank and ever-profiling Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.