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The Genius of Thor: Ragnarok’s Trailer

I have to bow to the genius of Thor: Ragnarok‘s trailer. I don’t want to, because MCU has milked the Marvel superhero world dry, and yet look at this amazing trailer with its Immigrant Song shrieks and its sweeping green-screenery, how it ventures into yet another Marvel Universe with impunity, throwing in the mix something as ridiculous as ‘Gladiator’ Hulk and getting the fuckballs away with it while Jeff Goldblum looks down from the pulpit with imperial disbelief. And Cate Blanchett, she can play a mean, nuanced villain, one hella antagonist. And the confidence this production exudes, the humor it unleashes, wicked and stupid in a two-thumbs-up way turning Thor: Ragnarok into what promises to be wild, silly, turn-up-the-surround-systems entertainment . . . I have to bow to this trailer’s genius! I can’t wait to watch the movie, and I bet millions of fans are feeling this way, too.

I haven’t watched an action trailer this good since 300:

Now bring me someone to punch!

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